What happened Sapana Magar after questioning in magar language ? (See video)

Main character of story film Meek D (Aanshu), heroine Sapana Dhenga Magar, sapan tell  member of the magar laphaa Group, Padam Thapa Magar, She Feel very Proude to talking magar language.

magar is the no: 1 population of nepal as indigenious people. magar lapha group is the popular facebook hosted group and page they are helping poor neplease people.

There are Arround 30 Over Magar Films Shooted in nepal. bassed on magar culture and language. one ot the them is Aashu (Mikdi) Which was Directed by Late Ajaya Saru Magar. this movie was shooted on Nawalparashi deurali Village and Surrounding Devchuli Mountain Region.

 Sapana Dhenga Magar is From Rampur Palpa Nepal wich is located in State 5 of Nepal Palpa District Near Syangja.

She has been acting as a heroine in two movies till recently, dream of modeling about 2 dozen music videos .  Watch video: